Best Drop in Bedliner: Top Truck Models Compared

Best Drop in Bedliner

Owning a truck is one of the best feelings in the world and it is one that’ll come with a wide range of other immense benefits as well. This is especially true when it comes to hauling and moving large objects or doing practical projects. Whether you are picking up gravel, moving furniture, or transporting goods, a truck will be the perfect solution. That being said, this doesn’t mean that owning a truck doesn’t come without a lot of responsibility because that would be a lie. Owning a truck comes with immense responsibility.

Responsibility like monitoring and maintaining! This could include everything from checking the oil to ensuring that the tires are properly inflated every time you get on the road. Going back to hauling, if you want to ensure that your truck stays in top condition while hauling around objects, you’ll need to take advantage of a drop in liner. Maybe you are just restoring your truck. Even if you are restoring your truck, you’ll still end up putting in some accessories like drop in bed liners. Drop in bedliners not only enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your truck, but they could potentially prolong its life.

The only problem is finding the best drop in truck bed liners, and that’s exactly what this guide is going to help you with. It will not only provide some of the best drop in truck bed liner reviews, but it’ll provide you will information that you need to look for when shopping for a drop in truck liner.

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Best Drop in Bedliners Compared and Reviewed

Our Top 5 Picks



1. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat

Dee Zee has been providing quality bed liners since 1977 to consumers all around the globe, nationwide. And over these years, they have learned exactly how to deliver. Their name has grown to become a staple in the industry for quality and dependability. That much will be clear when you look at the DZ87005. All of their extensive products, including the DZ87005 are built with the consumer in mind. They recognize the need for durable, functions, and stylish bedliners, and that’s exactly what they deliver.

This specific liner is constructed with highly compressed rubber material that deflects UV rays to ensure that it stays looking good for years to come. It’ll also resist abrasions, tears, cracking, and fuel spills, but this is just the start.

Prevents Shifting

One of the biggest problems with most bed liners is that they allow for shifting. Sure, a bed liner will protect your bed, but if cargo is sliding back and forth, how’s it going to protect the walls of your bed? It won’t and that’s exactly where the DZ87005 excels. This specific liner was specifically designed to prevent shifting. Whether you are hauling gravel or furniture, you won’t have to worry about your cargo sliding back and forth, potentially damaging both your bed and walls.

You combine this with the extra thick .375-inch rubber compound construction, and it’ll be easy to see how this liner provides the utmost protection. This liner is also a custom fit designed liner that contours around the wheel wells, providing the perfect fit.

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2. Toyota PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat

The Toyota PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat was one was specifically designed for short bed Tacoma models, but it was built durably enough to provide the protection that you’d get from a big bed liner. The vehicle-specific design makes this liner a perfect fit so you don’t have to worry about cutting and struggling to get the product to fit. The liner will automatically just slide right in the back of the bed, providing the perfect fit and contour.

Short bed Tacomas are great trucks, but the only problem is they come factory installed with a plastic bed liner. While this liner will offer the protection needed for your bed, it doesn’t offer slip resistance or isn’t particularly easy on the knees. These are just two of the reasons that the Toyota PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat makes the perfect replacement. It features anti-slip and slid properties while also providing cushioning when crawling around in the back of the bed.

Warranty Assured

Any time you invest your hard-earned money in a product, you want to know you are getting what you paid for. And, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you invest in the Toyota PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat thanks to the included factory warranty. This warranty comes included with the initial purchase and will cover the product if anything goes wrong during ownership. If the product rips, tears, or doesn’t perform as advertised, simply call the manufacturer and they’ll rectify the situation.

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3. BDK M330 Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

Whether you are looking for a ford drop in bedliner or a dodge ram plastic bed liner, it is hard to overlook everything that the BDK M330 has to offer. This specific model might not be as well known as the ultra-popular duraliner drop in bedliner, but after looking at the design, you’ll see that a lot of thought and innovation went into this product.

One of the most notable things is the high ridge-lines. The liner was specifically designed with high ridge-lines to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. It does so by buffering heavy equipment that could otherwise cause dents and scratches. Couple this with its other offering and the BDK M330 is a real winner.

Easy Installation And Clean

No one wants to spend hours on top of hours installing a bed liner. And, without the perfect custom fit, this is something that you could possibly run into. And, this is because it usually takes special equipment and precision to cut the liner. On top of this, once you’ve gone too far or your cuts are off, you’re pretty much screwed.

This is another reason that the BDK M330 makes the perfect F150 drop in bedliner. While it’s not a perfect customized fit for this specific model, it can easily be modified or adapted to fit the model. Heck, with a traditional pair of scissors, this mat can easily and quickly be cut to fit any design truck bed. It’s also simple and easy to clean, as it’ll just need hosing off.

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4. Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat

What is the best drop in bedliner available today? Many might argue that it is the Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat. After you see what this mat offers and the qualities that it posses, you might be inclined to agree. These mats are new to the market, but they are specifically designed to line and protect your truck from damage that might otherwise be caused by direct contact with cargo.

The custom fit mats are heat molded for specific applications. The manufacturer offers these mats specifically for Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Toyota. In addition to this, they are available in both long and short beds as well. There are even non-vehicle specific models available that can be customized for the perfect fit.

3-Year Warranty With 100% Unused Recycled Rubber

Warranty is always something you’ll want to consider when shopping for a truck liner. The warranty can tell you just how much a company believes in what they are selling. That being said, Westin really believes in their product, as they are willing to back it with 3 years of protection. Most companies only offer a year.

In addition to all this, these mats are constructed right here in the US with a ribbed design that not only prevents sliding while adding extra protection, but they are also made from 100 per cent unused recycled heavyweight rubber. The ribbed, non-slip surface will help ensure that your cargo stays in place at all times, adding even more protection.

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5. Westin 50-6465 Bed Mat

After seeing everything that the above Westin had to offer, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone to see another on the list. The company obviously knows what they are doing and are capable of producing quality products while also deliver dependability and reliability that can’t be matched. All that aside, the Westin 50-6465 should by no means be mistaken for the above model. While they are similar with similar features, they each are unique in their own right. This one is a bit easier to installed and comes along with all the included hardware.

Recycled Tires And Belts

Being constructed from recycled tires and belts, this liner offers a polyester design that will protect your truck bed in a variety of situations. Couple this with the ribbed design, and you’ll have all the protection that you could ever need or want. The heavyweight rubber designed will stand up while providing 100 percent durable protection in a variety of weather conditions as well as hauling conditions.

The ribbed, non-slip rubber surface ensures that cargo stays put when loaded, protecting both your bed and the cargo itself. Combine all of this with the fact that the product is made by a US-based company, and you really are getting the best of all worlds.

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6. Husky Liner Heavy-Duty Bed Mat

Husky is a household name when it comes to tools and accessories. The company has been around for many years now and it is known for offering high-quality products are more than affordable rates. If you want to purchase quality without spending an arm and leg, Husky is the way to go. They are also known for their diversity and versatility.

The company creates everything from traditional screwdrivers to sockets and socket wrenches. Well, it looks like they are now in the bed liner game as well. With this tough enough to protect your bed and soft enough to protect your knees and cargo design, you simply can’t go wrong with this investment. And, this is just the start.

Easy Installation And Removal

It is important to note that this specific model was specifically designed to fit 2019 Chevy Silverados and 2019 GNC Sierra 1500s. While it was designed to fit only these models, it’ll fit them like a glove. The ability to remove the mat in a matter of seconds only adds to the convenience. The odorless rubberized DuraGrip HD material was designed to protect and take abuse.

It also features a unique 360-degree rotation design that prevents moisture from getting trapped between the bed and the mad. This will prevent water from getting under the mat and rusting out the bed. Along with this, it features Air Dry Nibs that allow air to pass through and dry out what moisture that does end up trapped. This gives you the ability to spray off the mat or run it through the car wash without worrying about removing and drying the bed.

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7. DualLiner Bed Liner

You can read all the pendaliner reviews you want, but you’ll find that it is the DualLiner Bed Liner that offers the ultimate protection. This is not to take anything away from the pendaliner, but when it comes to the pendaliner vs duraliner, it is the DualLiner Bed Liner that will most likely excel in most people’s eyes. And, this is because it features some things that other liners just plainly don’t offer.

The first thing that needs to be noted is that this model was specifically designed for 2015 to current F-150 Ford. And, because of its unique design, it cannot be modified or adapted. This is because it also offers sidewall protection, whereas most of the other liners available here on offer bed protection. These sidewalls are also hard and provide superior dent protection.

Lifetime Warranty

If you are looking for an impressive bedliner that comes backed with an impressive warranty, look no further than the DualLiner Bed Liner. This bad boy is not only made and manufactured right here in the United States, but it comes backed with a 100 percent guaranteed lifetime warranty.

If the liner rips, tears, or malfunctions ever, contact the manufacturer and they’ll repair or replace the liner. This tells you that DualLiner really believes in its product. With a 3-8-inch thickness design, this bed liner offers a thickness that is several times thicker than that of traditional bed liners.

This is even thicker than those spray-on bed liners. Couple this with the zero skid design and you are looking at one quality product that is capable of holding up in a variety of situations. It is these qualities that this quite possibly the best drop in bedliner available on the market today.

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8. Penda 63011SRZ

When it comes to twice the quality and twice the protection, you know you are dealing with possibly the best drop in bedliner. And, that exactly what the Penda 63011SRZ offers, twice the protection coupled with twice the quality. Combine this with its unique skid-resistant design, and you are getting even more protection because your cargo will stay where you put it, keeping both the cargo and the bed protected at all times.

Not only this, but the ski resistant design also keeps the bed liner itself in place, preventing scratching marring of the bed. You can clearly see where the statement of double the protection comes in.

No-Drill Installation

What’s the point of a quality bed liner if you’re going to spend hours mounting it? What about when you have to remove it and clean it or remove trapped moisture, which is something you want to do ever so often to prevent rusting. Do you want to spend more hours doing this? Sounds like a complete nightmare, right? It would be, but luckily these re things you never have to worry about with the Penda 63011SRZ.

This bed liner is easier than ever to install and remove thanks to its no-drill installation. Simply install and remove by hand in minutes. The design also features vertical board holders that help separate your loads. It should be more than easy to see why many are referring to the 63011SRZ possibly the best drop in bedliner available today.

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Types Of Drop in Bed Liners

When you are shopping for the best drop in bedliner there are without a doubt a variety of things that you’ll want to consider. This much you likely already know. From the information above, you likely already know that these liners are also made much differently. This is because they are different models.

Heavy Duty Drop in Bedliner

When it comes to bedliners, you can spend as little or as much as you want. That being said, generally speaking, you can expect to get what you pay for. Some types might be better than others, and this is why it is pertinent to understand the types available to you as well as how they are different.

Bed Mat Bedliners

First up on the list is the bed mat. These are first because they are without a doubt your cheapest option. In fact, while they are universal and capable of providing quality, you should think of them as nothing more than big rubbers mats. That’s pretty much what they are, as some might even need cutting in order to adhere to your bed. Constructed from heavy-duty rubber, these models are capable of providing excellent grip along with absorbing power.

Ford F150 Drop in Bedliner

They’ll likely also have a ridged underside to allow for proper and adequate water drainage. The major disadvantage to these models is that they will only cover the bed itself. The sidewalls along with the tailgate will still be exposed.

Bed Rug Bedliners

Next up are the bed rug bedliners, and you should think of the design as being similar to that of the bed mat. They can also be made to perfectly fight your bed or they can be cut and customized. However, one major difference is that they are constructed with polypropylene, rather than rubber. They really look more like a big piece of carpet, hence the name. Most usually do come with a foam backing, as to help absorb impacts and make crawling around easier on the knees.

Drop In Bedliners

Drop in bedliners are obviously another type you’ll have available to you. If protecting the walls and tailgate are important, this will be the type that you want to invest in. These models are extremely easy to install and are made only to fit specific makes and models. As the name implies, all you have to do is drop the liner into the back of the bed. Some might require screws, whereas others will be such a tight fit that they won’t move or shift at all. Some also fit under the bed rails while there are some that go over the top of them.

These models are constructed of highly durable plastics and have a separate section to protect the tailgate. This section might have to be affixed with bolts to the bed, but you can still later remove them when necessary. One issue with these models is that the plastic could potentially chafe against the paint of the bed.

Man Fitting Drop In Bedliner

Spray On Bedliners

The most expensive option on the list, but probably the best is the spray on bedliner. These models usually require a professional installation, as the process involves utilizing a spray gun to create a custom coat for the bed. The protective coating in a can is pretty much what these models can be thought of as. They look impressive and protect against scratches as well as a variety of other potential damages. The one major downside is they don’t provide a lot of impact absorption.


What to Look for When Choosing a Drop in Bedliner

Bedliners are suitable for all trucks. They offer a layer of protection between the truck bed and equipment or other materials utilized for work and other purposes. Having a bedliner in your truck bed only makes sense because it prevents scratches, dents, and other mishaps during the transportation of supplies.

There are some very important factors that must be considered when choosing a bedliner. These factors include construction, installation, thickness, compatibility, and warranty. All of these factors play a major role in protecting your investment when purchasing a drop in bedliner.


A manufacturer’s warranty is key to preventing financial loss due to manufacturing defects, malfunctions, and poor construction. The warranty should cover all of the key components of a bedliner. While it may seem impossible, manufacturing errors lead to defects that are passed onto consumers. With a manufacturer’s warranty in-hand, you will be protected from financial loss in the event any of the above issues occur.

Drop In Bedliner Top View

The warranty should cover at least one year from the initial purchase date. Do not even consider purchasing from a company that does not protect its customers with a bedliner warranty.


There are several materials utilized for drop in bedliners. These materials include rubber, plastic, and polyurea hybrid. All of these materials have benefits when it comes to drop in bedliner. For example, plastic is very durable, low-maintenance, and flexible while rubber is durable, easy to work with, and durable.

It really depends on preference as to which construction will work best for your truck. Some consumers believe thick plastic works better than rubber and polyurea hybrid. However, there is no evidence available to back up these claims.


Not all drop-in bedliners are created equal. They are also unique in size and design. So, not every bedliner will support your truck bed. The best way to determine which drop in bedliner will fit your truck bed is to go off of the make and model of your truck. Most bedliner manufacturers tend to produce bedliners specifically for different makes and models of trucks.

If you are still in doubt about the compatibility of a specific bedliner, you can always measure your truck bed. There are several ways to go about measuring a truck bed. The best and only way to ensure accuracy for this process is to follow the manufacturer’s measurement instructions. Nearly all manufacturers provide consumers with a side guide that can help determine which size and design are best for specific make and model trucks.


While thickness may seem to be unnecessary in this decision-making process, it plays a major role in durability and longevity. Thinner bedliners will not offer the same level of protection or longevity as thicker brands. It is always a good idea to measure the thickness of a drop in bedliner before making a purchase.

If you cannot find this information, you can always contact the manufacturer directly. Fortunately, this may not be necessary because most manufacturers know this number is crucial in making a purchase decision.


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